Metal Roofing

Colorbond® Roofing has become increasingly popular over the past decade.

Beautiful, durable and versatile – with over 20 colors in the standard range you can choose a roof color to set the theme for your entire home. From roofing to fascia and gutter through to downpipes, water tanks and even fencing, the extensive color range compliments the entire environment.

Colorbond® is low maintenance material that provides clean crisp lines and has versatility to suit any roof type and pitch.

Colour Chart



Custom ORB / Corrugated Iron

Lightweight and economical have made this profile one of the most sought after for both roofing and wall cladding.  Whether you have a modern architectural design or traditional heritage style you will be well satisfied.
Minimum pitch of 5 degree
Commonly used on pitched roofs, walls, soffits, feature walls, eaves, fencing, spring curved roofing, water tanks, garden beds

Klip-Lok 700® / Speed Deck Ultra

Often referred to as a “tray roof” because of its wide flat trays and defining rib lines. Using a concealed fixing clip provides no visual fasteners.
Suitable for 1 and 2 degree pitch roofs
Commonly used on any flat roof surface, wall cladding

Trimdeck® / Monoclad

Similar to both the Corrugated and Deck systems this lies between the two. Square ribs with a ribbed flat tray gives great strength and the ability to roll long lengths. Also offering great spanning capacity for a light weight sheet.
Minimum pitch of 2 degree
Commonly used roofs, garages, wall cladding


The heritage style of bullnose roofing will give a classic yet elegant look to your roof façade.  This area often then becomes another outdoor living space utailised any many different forms. The shade given by the bullnose roof will even reduce cooling costs in the adjacent rooms.
Minimum pitch of 5 degree